Just a little bit more…

24 Aug

Here are a few handy job hunting tips that I have picked up in recent months, some of which may seem a little surprising at first!


  • Never underestimate the importance of your online profile and online networking – online networking is today as important as offline so create and work at your online profile to make yourself really stand out:

  1. LinkedIn is a great way to not only market yourself online but make and keep contacts and hunt for jobs. For advice on how to build a great LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn and facebook to find a job see and
  2. Write articles for online sites in your industry, start your own blog and comment on other blogs
  3. Sign up to Twitter – you can use this to publicise your blogs, comment on or broadcast interesting articles and posts by others and make valuable connections

  • Think of others rather than yourself when networking: offer your services without expecting anything in return; match up the skills of friends and colleagues to create great partnerships and; at networking events be friendly and talk to as many people as possible, you never know who you will meet or when you may need their skills in the future.  This may not seem like the most obvious networking strategy nor the most personally helpful, but by assisting others and showing generosity and willing you will be remembered favourably by all those you meet and will be the first point of call if they seek your skill set in future


  • Present your cv or cover letter in creative ways to make your application stand out and leave a mark on the reader, you could include chocolate or present your application in person
  • Persist with your application after it has been sent: follow up with a phone call or visit the organisation in person
  • Don’t be afraid to use contacts, even those that may seem tenuous: think of who you can draw upon in the organisation you are applying to or who you know within that sector.  Use them to find out who exactly deals with applications or heads the department you seek to work in, contact this person directly or ask your contact to put in a good word.
  • For more creative ways to get a job see:



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